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St. Patrick's Day Parade

2013 Marchers The Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, held on March 17th, is an old tradition which was resuscitated by the Restoration Society in 2008.

The Organizing Committee hopes the event reminds citizens of the significance of Halifax's deep Irish roots, part of the diverse and attractive fabric of the community. The event this year was the sixth St. Patrick's Day Parade in a row and, for many, it was the best. The event included Irish dancers, music, floats, and marchers of all kinds and descriptions. The first record of a Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Halifax was in 1830, organized by the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax. 2013 Footballer with HatThat parade tradition continued for sixty years until it was stopped in 1890 due to expense (particularly related to the costs of marching bands). The parade was revived in the early 20th century by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, but was discontinued again in the 1920s. And there things stood, until 2008 when we revived the tradition again.

In 2013, there were 39 parade entries, 180 parade participants, and 47 parade volunteers, with an estimated 2,000 spectators on the route. The route ran from North Agricola Street (starting at Kane Street) down to Cornwallis Street, and from there to Brunswick Street, and home to St. Patrick's Church. It ended with a luncheon and awarding of trophies for the best performances. This year, where March 17th was a Sunday, the parade was held on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon there was a concert in St. Patrick's by the Halifax Concert Band.

The sponsors this year included the Charitable Irish Society, Saint Mary's University, and the Halifax Regional Municipality. We are grateful for their support.

An Cumann2013 Charitable Irish

Restoration Society in Parade


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