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About Us

Our Heritage

Restoration Society supporters recognize the magnificent St. Patrick’s Church as more than average real estate. It transcends religious denominations. It is part of our heritage.

St. Patrick It is fitting to recall the circumstances of the Saint himself. Saint Patrick (387-461) is one of the world's most popular saints. When he returned to Ireland in 432, Patrick began preaching the Gospel and teaching literacy throughout the land. From these beginnings, Ireland, with its isolated position on the edge of Europe, was able to play a role in preserving the classical literature and heritage of the western tradition following the collapse of Rome and the centuries-long disorder which prevailed in Europe.

It's about Patrick, Kildare under Brigid, Columba in Iona, Aidan of Lindisfarne, Whitby under Hilda, and thousands of simple men and women inspired by the Christian ideal.

St. Patrick's Church was built on top of this history.

Threat of Closure

In the Spring of 2007, parishioners of St. Patrick’s Church, Halifax, were advised their church would be closed. In response, a few months later on August 15th, Saint Patrick’s Church Restoration Society was incorporated, separate and apart from the church, with objects which include raising funds for the repair and restoration of St. Patrick’s Church.

Phase #1: Operational Support

Some two years later, on June 16, 2009, the Restoration Society entered into an Agreement with the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Halifax, owner of the St. Patrick’s Church building. The Agreement provided a framework for the Society to carry out repairs and restoration of the church building. Additionally, the Agreement required the Society to pay operating and maintenance costs of the church building, including the cost of utilities, property taxes, and property insurance premiums.

From the outset the Restoration Society engaged in a broad spectrum of fundraising activities to save this beautiful Gothic church. It receives generous donations from across the entire community of Halifax. This continuing support has allowed St. Patrick’s to remain open.

The newsletter links below provide some news and reportage of the events of this first period:

In this first phase then, the Restoration Society's energy and funds were applied to assisting the Parish to get back on its feet. This required substantial expenditures on operational and infrastructure support. This work absorbed most of the attention of the Society.

Phase #2: Capital Restoration

The Restoration Society is currently concluding arrangements with St. Patrick’s Parish and the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation, with a view to having the Parish assume building operating costs. This will free the Society to focus on capital restoration and the deep renewal of the fabric of St. Patrick's for the next generation.

We look forward to this new phase of work. If you have the skills and drive to help us with this new effort, or can help us in other ways, please get in touch with us now. We all know the wonderful African adage that it takes a whole village to raise a child. We have enough experience now to be able to say that it takes a whole community to restore a church. Thank you for your help.

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