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Annual Restoration Dinner

The Annual Dinner is our signature event. Hosting about 450 guests, last year's occasion had three aspects: the reception and silent auction; the dinner and honourary induction; and the post-dinner live auction. A great evening of conviviality, it is used to raise money for the Restoration Society while we have lots of fun.

Reception and Silent Auction

MusiciansThe Reception opened at 6:00pm with music by Eric Ahlblad on the piano, playing George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Louis Armstrong. While guests were visiting with old friends and making new acquaintances, there was an opportunity to review the gallery for the silent auction with dozens of items on display. Priced now with minimum bids and increments, many people engage in elaborate bidding strategies to outmanoeuvre their rivals. This aspect of the evening was supported by a cash bar.

Dinner and Induction

The dinner itself began at 7:30pm. Arranged in tables of 10 persons, a three course meal was enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere.

Monsignor Murphy The honourary induction to the Restoration Society's "Hall of Fame" this year was bestowed on Gerald Murphy, and all the descendants of Mary Anne (Minnie Cronan) and John Murphy. Rev. Monsignor Murphy (1857-1931) spent half of his life at Saint Patrick's. We can thank him for his work completing the building with interior furnishings, installations, and stained glass windows. His foresight ensured our Church would be a place of peace and beauty. When the Church was damaged by the Halifax Explosion, he started all over again and restored the Church to its original splendour. Monsignor Murphy was a champion of immigration issues, social justice and education. He raised the money to purchase the land and was involved in the building of Saint Patrick's Girls and Boys elementary schools and the Saint Patrick's Girls High School. For more information on Monsignor Murphy, see our Dec 2012 Newsletter

Post-Dinner Live Auction

Live Auction All auctions are great fun, and this one was no different. Brian Warshick was the auctioneer, and could orchestrate and manage the lively bidding no matter how many hands were showing. There was a great group of items which had been available for inspection before the dinner, and bidding was fast and furious. It was an occasion for much hilarity, and keen bidding strategy. The auction is a key component of the fund-raising success of the event as all of the goods for auction were donated.

Net Benefit

Apart from the convivial time that was had, the Annual Dinner raises considerable money for the restoration of St. Patrick's. In 2012, we cleared more than $40,000 from this event. We appreciate your support and commitment and look forward to making each coming dinner even better.

Dinner in Progress


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